Westport Pediatric Dentistry

What our patients are saying

“I personally suffer from anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist but I thank God I’m not passing that on to my boys and I attribute that to Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff. They make going to the dentist fun, easy, and exciting. We live in Wyoming and we travel back east to visit family and Dr. Lee!”

– Amanda

“Dr. Lee and his staff are so friendly! My son can be difficult at times and they are very understanding and gentle with him. We’ve had a great experience every time we’ve gone for a cleaning and Dr. Lee has always given us his undivided attention. I highly recommend this dentist to everyone I know.” 


“My boys love Dr. Lee. He is so good with them. My oldest had such a bad experience with a previous dentist and with Dr. Lee he wasn’t as scared. They haven’t seen him in almost six months and they still talk about him.” 

– Caitlyn

“I highly recommend this office. My son has anxiety when going to doctors, and usually a battle and a fight between him and me. Today was his first visit they made him so comfortable: no tears, no fight, and he loved it. Highly recommend this place.”

– Lindsay

“My four-year-old daughter would go to Westport Pediatric Dentistry EVERY week if she could. It’s a very clean space and friendly staff.” 

– Kaitlyn